Basin Gravity Park Family Pass
(Primary Adult Season Pass)


This family pass comes with a primary adult season pass built into the product. You first select options on the primary adult season pass, then you add the second adult and dependent season passes to this package with their respective options before adding the family pass to your cart


*This field is required. If you do not wish to donate, simply select “add $0 Donation” to continue with your purchase.

Your optional tax-deductible donation to Bogus Basin supports non-profit recreation and education, ensuring year-round access to the outdoors for the Treasure Valley. We appreciate a gift of any amount. Each pass holder who adds a $100 or more donation to their season pass product below receives an exclusive “Annual Donor Pin” design.

Your donation:

  • Preserves and improves the on-mountain experience
  • Supports impactful youth programs
  • Provides a place to make memories with friends and family

If additional family members would like a donation associated with their season pass, please check the appropriate boxes when adding the second adult and dependant season passes.

   Add $0 Donation   | Add $10 Donation   | Add $25 Donation   | Add $100 Donation   | Add $500 Donation   |

step 2: add second adult season pass

Add an optional second adult season pass. What are the family pass qualifications?

   Add AD Mountain Bike   |

Step 3: add dependent season passes

Add up to twelve dependent season passes (Child: 0-6, Junior: 7-12, Teen: 13-17, Young Adult: 18-24). At least two season passes are required to proceed. What are the family pass qualifications?

   Add CD Mountain Bike   | Add JR Mountain Bike   | Add TN Mountain Bike   | Add YA Mountain Bike   |

- *When the "Print at Home" box is checked, it means you will receive your ticket(s) electronically and can print them yourself.
$ 529.00


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